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11. December 2019. by slrastoke

A lot of time has passed since the time when the riverbanks were the home of fairies, mythical beings from the Slavic mythology, even though in Rastoke it can easily appear that it was yesterday that they were here. Those mysterious women were attributed supernatural powers, dressed in white with a crown or evergreen wreath on their heads. They would make their thick hair into braids and did the same with the manes of the horses that they would steal from the millers and ride them all night long. With their dancing, they would easily seduce a man and often help him but also took revenge if he broke his promise. In the past, when the fairies lived with us, they used to bring a lost passenger through the fog onto the proper path, heal an ill person with herbs, put a restless child to sleep or provide it with supernatural powers. Fairies drank water only from pure sources and it can be freely said that they were the first ecological ambassadors in the world in which there was no pollution. This is a world that we can only dream about today. However, who knows, maybe they visit us in Rastoke as soon as tomorrow, on the Slunjčica riverbanks.