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3. December 2019. by slrastoke

We are witnessing that business duties can often have an impact on our journey to the coastline. However, have no regrets about what you have missed but rather refresh yourself in one of our rivers. Only an hour and a half away from Zagreb, there are the most beautiful continental rivers to bathe in. What will make you even more thrilled is free entrance!

The Korana river is a true paradise for swimmers. The water temperature is from 24 to the incredible 28 degrees, which makes it an ideal choice for those somewhat more sensitive to the cold. The Škrila, Oltar and Kotlac bathing places are upstream from the main town bathing place, i.e. only about 15 minutes on foot away. Due to the shallow water and small natural pools with a multitude of cascades, it is favourable for small children and families. Apart from bathing, visitors can look forward to the multitude of accompanying recreational amenities among which there is the jumping place, sand volleyball and badminton, and they can also enjoy the well-known water games, open air cinema and musical performances. Those not favouring sunbathing can find their shadow in one of the summerhouses in which you can enjoy social games and the freshly prepared grill along with a most wonderful view. For the more courageous ones, the Mrežnica river is the right choice – an emerald green river of a refreshing temperature and stunning beauty.