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Hunting and fishing

3. December 2019. by slrastoke

The geographic position, unique hunting areas and various game make Slunj an exceptionally attractive hunting destination. Apart from the type of hunting specific for the area, hunting habits have an important role in preserving the hunting tradition.

Hunters’ firm dedication to nurture them is reflected in the hunting and sports games traditionally held every year starting from 2000. Some of the disciplines in which hunters can try their luck are targeting a cartoon rifle, cooking hunter stew, throwing a stone from the shoulder and tug-of-war.

The Hunting Office in Slunj encompasses LD Sokol (LD – Hunting Club), LD Korana, LD Trčka, LD Kuna, LD Medvjed, LD Golub and the Slovinje Veteran Association.

True lovers of fishing will tell you that fishing is not only a hobby, it is much more than pure pastime. Fishing is primarily caring for nature, water and, what is most important, the fish. With the multitude of waters, the Karlovac County is among the most attractive fishing tourism destinations in Croatia. While fishing here, you will enjoy a blend of fun and fishing in the natural environment.

Responsible for the management of the Slunjčica, Korana, Mrežnica and Glina rivers is the Sport Fishing Association ‘Slunjčica’ (+385 98 659 506).

– Fishermen must possess a valid fishing permit (permits can be bought at the entrance number 3 in Rastoke)
– It is not permitted to use a fish as a bait
– It is not permitted to fish with prohibited means: explosive, underwater rifle, net or unauthorised equipment
– Natural baits are prohibited in the waters with salmonid types of fish
– Fish caught in recreational and sports fishing may not be sold

In order to preserve the fish fund in the Slunjčica river in the length of 1.5 kilometre and on the Mrežnica river, the ‘catch and release’ regime must be abided by.