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Flyfishing cup on river Slunjčica

10. December 2019. by slrastoke

First flyfishing cup on river Slunjčica. ?

Yesterday, 13.10.2020., 28 competitors enjoyed the river on a beautiful warm autumn day. Eyes closely followed the shadows of large grayling from the depths that fed beautifully. The most successful have proven their knowledge and with a bit of luck have won their well-deserved awards. The winner in the home field was Zeljko Jareb, second place goes to Marko Musulin and third place to Miroslav Katicic.

We would like to thank the sponsors Saša Petković – Svet Varalica, Gregor Štefančić – Kostevc Store, Karlo Furlan Gamarus in this way. And of course the host Petkovic Braco President Srd Slunjcica Slunj who cooks the best stew and Zeljko Jareb who made sure to welcome you all to enjoy.

There was a handful of prizes and no one left empty-handed from Slunj.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and we hope you enjoyed it and that we were able to encourage you to think about coming back to Slunjčica.