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쿼드 투어

13. 10월 2020. by slrastoke

도시에서의 일정에 지치셨나요? 매일의 일상과 출퇴근 시간의 혼잡도에 지치셨나요? 아드레날린과 모험의 냄새가 그리우신가요? 멀리 찾지 마세요. 이 사륜구동 짐승을 예약하고 잊지 못할 모험을 떠나보세요.

콰드를 타기 위해, 꼭 경험이 필요하진 않습니다. 여러분의 전문 가이드의 손에서 안전하게 운전할 수 있습니다. 여러분이 필요한 것은 타입 B 운전면허와 두려움 없이 혼자만의 여행을 떠날 강한 영혼 뿐입니다.

서비스는 다음과 같은 서비스를 포함합니다: ATV, 전문 가이드, 시승전 간단한 교육, 보호장구.

Tourist Centar “Mirjana & Rastoke”
Address: Donji Nikšić 101, 47240 Slunj
Tel.: +385 47 787 205
Mob.: +385 98 214 658


4 Wheels Adventure – Quad Rastoke
Address: Plitvička 56, 47240 Slunj
Mob.: +385 98 945 0790



Adress: Gornji Popovac 23, 47240 Slunj
Mob.: +385 98 160 1833


This ATV tour is the perfect way to get a true taste of Slunj and Rastoke surroundings. Great for the whole family and couples, this quad bike experience offers breathtaking nature and  quaranteed fun. Most of our guests are beginners, so we know how to provide an experience that’s as safe as it is fun. Our brand new quad bikes are fully automatic and super-easy to use. And our expert guides will make sure you have all the safety instructions you need.

Time duration of the ATV-QUAD tour: 20 min; 30 min; 60 min; 120 min; and individual tours.

Featured: Professional guided ATV tour, ride on interesting forest and stone paths, paved roads through the beautiful landscape and reaching the rivers and old medieval ruins.

What ́s included: Quad rent; Safety equipment rent; Professional guides; Fuel expences.

Not included: Transfer to the meeting point (3 km from Rastoke Village).

Time duration of the ATV-QUAD tour: 20 min; 30 min; 60 min; 120 min; and individual tours.

Meeting point address / Quad Start & End Point:

Raspberry House – Apartments Vukošić

Gornji Popovac 23, 47240 Slunj, Hrvatska/Croatia

Special offer: visiting a local farm where you can taste traditional dishes and homemade products.