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The old hydropower plant

3. September 2020. by slrastoke

Mile Cindrić, a professor of physics and mathematics, originating from Kremen near Slunj who was also the creator of some of the electrical devices for school education, and his designer, engineer and friend Gabrijel Kompanec, a Ukrainian, along with the then municipal head Josip Neralić, are the most meritorious for the construction of the hydro power plant. The power plant was the property of the Slunj Municipality and it operated under the title ‘Municipal Electric Power Plant in Slunj’. The power plant was completed in 1928 and the first electric bulb in Slunj lit up on the Feast of the Holy Trinity of the same year. The power plant committed to continuous supply of electricity during the night, while during the day only if it was cloudy when the daylight is less intensive.

It supplied the consumers with three-phase electricity with a voltage of 220 Volt for lighting and 380 Volt for machine operation. Each household that had less than five lightbulbs paid a lump sum for energy consumption, while all the others paid according to the consumption pricelist. The delivery of the electric power could be stopped in case that a consumer, without the knowledge and approval of the power plant, attached new bulbs, changed bulbs, i.e. connected stronger ones, or connected to the grid any devices or made some installation works.

In 1932, the Hydropower Plant Statute was adopted detailing all that was necessary regarding consumption and payment of electricity. The electric power produced there served households, public lighting and the operation of the Slunj water supply. The power plant was destroyed in January 1943 in war operations. Today the power plant is the seat of the ‘Slunjčica’ fishing association in Slunj.