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The history of the Old Town

11. December 2019. by slrastoke

The Old Town of Slunj (Slovin, Sluin, Zlun, Zun) was mentioned for the first time in 1322 when the Hungarian and Croatian king Charles Robert donated with a charter to Friedrich III Frankopan the Drežnik parish with the town of Slunj. Dating back to 1390 is the document with which Ivan, Duke of Krk, gave Slunj for rent to the Duke Paul of Zrinski. The price of 4000 ducats speaks of the great value of Slunj and the surrounding estates. In 1449, Slunj changes hands and belongs to the Duke Dujam of Frankopan, the ancestor of the famous Frankopan Slunjski lineage. The lineage died out in 1572 with the death of Franjo Frankopan Slunjski, a hero of wars with the Ottoman conquerors and the famous Croatian ban, while the Town of Slunj got into the hands of the king. The Old Town of Slunj was connected with the Slunj settlement, on the left bank of Slunjčica, within which there was also the Franciscan monastery. In the 16th century, they jointly made up a significant urban whole. Created were also the plans for the renovation of the construction and other material, cultural and historic heritage with the aim of partially bringing the refurbished areas again into function to protect the nature and inter-sector cooperation within the programmes of renovation and use of the Old Town of Slunj and the nearby Napoleon’s wheat warehouse.