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OPG Novković

28. January 2020. by slrastoke

The best pairing of wine and cheese is based on individual affinities and given circumstances, on subjective taste, which builds up over time. If the flavors are balanced, there is no reason not to experience supreme pleasure, because “CHEESE IS THE BEST OF FOOD, as wine is the best among all drinks”. As part of our offer, visitors can get acquainted with farm work, gathering hay and livestock feed, preparing homemade winter stores and harvesting forest fruits.

At a time when there are so many new and flawed products on the market quality products like OUR MILK and dairy products remain. It is in the nature of every human being to want to be healthy, strong and beautiful. It is the law of nature and survival. That is why milk and dairy products play an irreplaceable role.

We produce 8 types of organic cheeses (pulp, trappist, smoked, cooked (with additives), feta, fresh …), collectively called “Koran cheese”, made of unpasteurized milk with traditional technology to preserve the distinctive end product.

Considering the richness of the natural heritage of the property, the vicinity of the Korana River is especially worth mentioning, and guests can enjoy recreational content all year round with a gastronomic offer (palette of cheeses, dairy products and beverages). Each season on the farm is unique and unrepeatable. Our visitors come from all over Croatia as well as from abroad such as USA, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Kuwait etc.

Address: Točak 26, Slunj
Mob: +385 91 411 0988
Mob: +385 91 536 2250