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Old town Drežnik

24. February 2021. by slrastoke


Historical happenings in this area are mostly connected with constant warfare concerning borders and defense from conquerors’ incursions, which is why the area hadn’t developed as a market town or a settlement, but rather as a defensive fort, especially Drežnik Grad (Drežnik Castle).

The old town of Drežnik is mentioned in the historic sources back in the 12th century. Its history has been marked by wars and its different rulers. The historic events in the area have mostly been marked by constant wars, which is also the reason that it did not develop as a trading place or a settlement but rather as a defence fortress. After 1830, the Austrian monarch sold the fortress to a private trader, who started demolishing the walls and selling stone as construction material. We believe that this very stone can nowadays be found in the foundations of numerous houses in the surroundings!The defence tower has been renovated and from there the visitors can enjoy in the view over the canyon of the Korana river and the surrounding mountains and learn something on the history of this always dynamic border region.

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