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24. August 2022.


Welcome to Jaškovo, the strudel village! Welcome to Štrudlafest!

In 2015, Jaškovo put itself on the world map by setting a new Guinness record for the longest strudel in the world . Štrudla has become a recognizable brand of this region, and Štrudlafest has developed from its beginning to the most significant gastronomic event in Karlovac County.

The Štrudlafest event was created as a logical sequence after the now legendary event “From Jaškovo for the world… strudel for Guinness”. Then, on September 6, 2015, the longest strudel in the world was made in our small town of Jaškovo, near the historic town of Ozlja in Karlovac County, and a new Guinness record was set. The strudel was as long as 1479.38 m .

The first Štrudlafest was held the very next year in 2016 , and among the guests in Jaškovo were the legendary Stevo Karapandža, academician of culinary arts Branko Ognjenović, and Josip Abičić, chef of the Milenij Hotel from Opatija. The range of strudels in the entire Karlovac County was presented through the Karlovac County Strudle Week , and our aunt Marica became a proud strudel ambassador who shared the experience of participating in the making of the longest strudel in the world – the Guinness strudel from Jaškovo – to many festival visitors.

Štrudlafest has grown and developed over the past five years, we listened to your wishes and ideas and created an offer for strudel lovers who want real homemade strudel, traditional cuisine and enjoying the fresh air of picturesque Jaškov and the entire Ozal region, and beyond.

And this year, at the gastronomic workshops as part of Štrudlafest, you can learn how to prepare the most famous Croatian strudel! Our local strudel ambassadors take care of the original recipe and presentation, as well as numerous exhibitors who every year sell out strudels with the most unusual flavors and fillings you’ve ever had the chance to try! You can establish or acquire your painting skills at the unique ” Brush and strudel ” workshops or at the ” My strudel plate ” workshop . Taking pictures with homemade strudel in the orchard? Why not!

For all of you who like to spend your time actively, as many as three sweet Štrudla by bike routes have been designed, which you can explore and enjoy home-made strudels along the way without any remorse. Hosts at OPGs will prepare them for you on the route so that you have a delicious refreshment. Cycling with a view of rivers, picturesque hills, vineyards and orchards, all sweetened with homemade strudels and local products – could it get any better? You can explore the routes on your own or with expert guidance.

If you are not in the mood for pedaling , book a Štrudlafest picnic basket , walk to the best picnic location and relax in good company with delicious strudels.

This is not nearly all that you can experience in the strudel village, so we invite you to explore all the activities and facilities. If you are a strudel lover – you are in the right place. Welcome!

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