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22. May 2021.

6. Svijet varalica Kup (World lure Kup)

The competition lasts 2 days. The maximum number of competitors on the track is 40. They will be fishing on Korana (chub is scored) and Slunjčica (trout and grayling are scored). When registering, start numbers are drawn that contain the schedule of exits by rounds. The winner will be the competitor with the least negative points in the sum of 4 rounds of the competition (depending on the number of entries). Each round lasts 90 minutes. In case the competitors have the same number of points for one of the first 3 places, the competitor with the higher total number of caught fish will be better. The whole competition is worth scoring – 1 fish = 1 point. The minimum scoring measure is 12 cm. In case of registration of more than 30 participants, the competitors will be divided into 2 sectors. In that case, the top 4 from each sector will play ‘1 on 1’ to the relegation for the cup winner!
The registration fee for the competition is 300 kuna and is paid upon registration on the first day of the competition. The registration fee includes 2 days of competition, food (4 meals) and gifts for each competitor, which will be provided by the “Svijet varalica” with the help of their business partners. The prize fund is 6000 kn in fishing tackle.
Accommodation will be provided to each competitor at a price of about 100 kuna.
It is fished exclusively with spin accessories and artificial lures – lures, WITHOUT COUNTER-HOOK on hooks. Only pads are allowed for easier catching of fish. Fishing on the Korana requires a plastic bucket with a wide opening with a volume of at least 10 liters. All fish caught are released after measurement and recording. The organizer will provide a sufficient number of judges on the track. Fishing from the water is not allowed as well as any way to lure fish. Dead or severely injured fish are not scored. At Korana, the minimum distance between fishermen is 10 meters, and at Slunjčica 5 meters. It is strictly forbidden to run on the track during the competition and to overtake fishermen with a lower starting number when entering the track. It is not allowed to throw the lure in a direction that prevents fishing to neighboring competitors and any other intentional obstruction of other competitors. Penalties for not following the rules are -1 fish per round. For each attempt to cheat (two throw a fish in 1 bucket, double reporting their or someone else’s catch, etc.), disqualification from the competition follows.
All situations not provided for in these propositions will be resolved by the organizer in a sporting spirit and guided by fair play. In case of too high river water level, the organizer will announce a new date for the cup 2 days before the planned start of the competition. In case of too low water level of the Korana, it is possible that the competition will be held on both days in Slunjčica.
Applications to the e-mail, mob 098 / 247-051 (Saša) or via the FB page of Svijeta varalica.
SATURDAY 05.06.2021.
14:00 – 15:30 GATHERING, REGISTRATION, LUNCH (fishing lodge in Slunjčica)
16:30 – 20:00 FISHING
SUNDAY 06.06.2021.
08:00 – 09:00 BREAKFAST
09:00 – 14:00 FISHING

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