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The path where time is measured by another unit

11. December 2019. by slrastoke

Welcome to Zone 4, a part of the significant landscape of the river Slunjčica that surfaces 6.5 km south of Slunj at 240 metres above sea level. Slunjčica’s flow, just like the flows of other underground karst rivers lives a parallel, double life. Sometimes it flows above ground, creating tufa barriers and waterfalls, while all of a sudden it drops into the deep abyss of inhospitable karst, gaining strength for new roles. Each of them is vital for biodiversity, geological diversity and ecological balance of the karst area, and its flow, or better yet: flows, create natural area of diverse landscape value. That is why it deserves protection. Underground flow of Slunjčica is called Lička Jesenica and it runs deep underground for over 16.5 km. It has a few tributaries and creates cascading lakes that will never see the light of a day.  The source of Slunjčica has a shape of a lake located in a natural amphitheatre from which it flows through a canyon 50 metres deep, and at Rastoke it forms branched out waterfalls and falls down 30 metres into river Korana.

Duality of its nature as a karst river creates a space of great biological diversity and is a habitat of many rare plant and animal species. To some this is the only home, while some are endangered and any irresponsible behaviour can lead to their extinction which would endanger already fragile balance in this area. Therefore we appeal to the scientist in you to act responsibly and respect the following rules.